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Fabrication Facility

Our founder, Verlin "Buddy" Galyon and his wife Marcie started the company in 1984 giving us 30+ years in serving the region. The company had a very humble beginning, which has carried through even amidst the growth and success. Mitch Galyon (Buddy and Marcie's Son) came on board with the company in 1994, his roles were instrumental to the introduction of CNC and CAD software. Together the father and son teamed to create an innovative shop capable of producing the areas most renound precision parts in both high and low quantities which continues today!

Over the years we evolved into a full production facility in Sweetwater, Tennessee, with many CNC machines for multiple production runs. In January 2012, we stepped up our metal fabrication abilities by purchasing a 7000-square foot building and set it up as our fabrication facility. We have continued to grow, and in January 2015, it was time to expand again. We moved the fabrication facility to the Parrots building in Athens, Tennessee, which has 21,000 square feet, even enclosing the back half of the facility for even more added sq ft, plus renovation of the entire facility! None of the successes or accomplishments would not have been possible without the Lord Jesus Christ, His Grace and Mercy He bestows on us is something we do not deserve but we serve a Good God. 

Core Values

  • We are determined to succeed.
  • By God's guidance we will do our best for our customers.
  • By God's guidance we will do our best  for our employees.
  • We will continue to improve our company.
  • We provide services that are both caring and professional.
  • We build our employees in all aspects of life.

Our Vision Statement

To build our products and people for the glory of God.